Acquisition of HiFi-Devices

Generally speaking we are always interested in record players of all kinds, but not all models. Also feel free to talk to us about selling amplifiers and speakers. Just give us a call first before bringing any device to the store. We are not buying CD-Players, tuners, cassette decks, tape recorders nor radiograms etc.


Naturally we can order any new records for you (also CDs, DVDs etc.). Because of the variety of distributors this might take some time, depending on what product you are trying to get. We will note your orders and will take care of your order as soon as possible and for the best possible price. For new customers we might have to insist on a payment in advance or a deposit.


We determine the value of records based on common market criteria. Crucial are factors like condition of vinyl and cover, age, rarity and demand.


We accept cash or EC-Cards.

We do not accept credit cards.


Business Hours

Additionally to the opening hours stated on our homepage we can arrange meetings for key account customers and large customers. We take off some days a year for vacation in which time the store will remain closed. Of course we will announce this on the homepage some weeks in advance. Especially for out-of-town vinyl-enthusiasts we recommend checking our site prior to planning a journey.


In the event of buying records we usually instantly pay in cash. We normally do not sell anything on commission. However, in case of very rare products or very high price HiFi-Devices this might be possible.


For 80 year olds in company of their parents only.


We ask regular market prices for our records but try to be as cheap as we can while also keeping an eye on other people’s prices. Please do keep in mind that our used LPs are usually all cleaned and have been provided with new record sleeves. This is something that competitors usually do not bother with.

People who have done business with us in the past know, that we generally offer a discount when buying a larger number of used records. It is possible to bargain in regards to expensive, rare and unique items, but not when it comes to standard single copies and new records. Retailer, traders or people that are interested in larger quantities will usually receive special conditions.