We also buy your records of (almost) all genres. To see which those genres are and aren’t, see the assortment section.

We do NOT buy Volksmusik, Opera, Marching Music, Chuch Music or similar. Also DJ and House/Techno is not interesting to us.


If  you would like to sell to us please feel free to give us a quick call before. Most questions can often be answered on the phone.


In general we do only buy records that we could inspect before. Records should be in proper or mint shape and have no big scratches. Printed  covers should be undamaged. Things like stamps, writing, stickers etc. do lower the value of goods tremendously or are completely rejected. Same counts for mold and dirt on record covers “found in the basement”.


For wares in mint shape we do pay fair and market-oriented prices. On collection of up to 300 pieces we would like to invite you to meet with us at the store (please make an appointment for a meeting).


Should this not be possible or should your collection be to big, we also offer to meet you at home and take the records with us if interested. We will drive longer distances and have a higher budget for interesting collections.


‘Experts’ should check if the price they saw on ebay is actually the exact issue of the product they own. For example, there are 180 different versions of the “Killers” LP of the band Iron Maiden in the world. Which is yours? Has this version ever been sold for the price you ask for?


Personal interaction is important to us. We do not need written forms, texts or photos. If nothing works, we can come and pick the records up ourselves, pay in cash and take it all. Important to note is that buyer and seller need to be satisfied with the deal.


Then, everything is fine and that’s what goes around…