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We buy, sell and trade vinyl records. New and used, very cheap or rare and valuable. With the records usually come memories – which are free, but sometimes priceless.


To us the best records aren’t the ones we like – but you! Genres do not matter in that regard. From Schlager to Speed-Metal, we are happy about any customer’s wish we can fullfill. However, we are not really interested in how big your collection is, or which amazing rare records you obtained recently…


We want to know, what you are still missing and what you are interested in, so that we can find the perfect deal out of various genres for you. Because in the end, we’ve been dealing with vinyl records for a long while now and kind of know what is up. Nonetheless we aren’t omniscient but we would love to get new knowledge about records unknown to us, and recommend what we can to you! However we are not open for pesky smartypants and complainers. For those we would just recommend a different store.

For those who would like to browse through old and new vinyls while having a nice, warm and free coffee, is more than welcome to do so in our shop.


Is that so? Come and check for yourself!


We have vinyl records, and a huge bunch of them. Nevertheless we dont have everything and some genres can not be found in general.

This is what you can not get in our store: Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Goa etc.


What you do find here however:


Rock & Pop, Hardrock, Metal, Schlager, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Rock’a’billy, 80s Pop, Alternative Rock, Bossa Nova, Stoner Rock, Emo, Folk, Country, Neue Deutsche Welle, Reggae, Ska, Beat Rock’n’Roll, Punk, Indie, Klassik, Songwriter, Audio Drama, World Music, Hip Hop, Krautrock, Jazz, audiophile Vinyl, EBM, Gothic and a bunch of other stuff.


Ca. 80 % of our records are well-maintained and used, around 20% are brand new.


Our used records are generally speaking in good condition are stored in covers and are mostly cleaned with ‘L’art du son’ products. Quality is king. Garbage belongs in the trash. But we do have special offers ranging from 1,- to 3,- Euros which usually are in sounds quality and absolutely playable.


Naturally we get new records every day. We have a massive number of wares in store. Didn’t find what you came for? – ask us, and with a little luck we will find what you need in the back corners of our store.


Vinyl Accessories:

We offer a broad variety of common accessories for vinyl records. e.g. Covers for in- and outside and all common formats, Schutzhüllen für innen und außen (für alle gängigen Formate), plain record covers, cleaning and care products, storage boxes, replacement styluses and drive belts for record players etc.


Sonnenstrasse 9d
38100 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 6199080